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Kingdom Warriors Gala

Eternal Investment

YOU can Give someone the Gift of Abundant Life!
Dream God’s Dream with us and Partner with Heaven's Goals!
We are Believing for a Ministry Training House by the end of the year!
In January 2023, all of our resources and community groups with our newly graduated

interns will be Launched “IN PERSON!!!”

Be A Part of the Dream!

Donate Gala

Believe with us, Partner with us, Share in the Vision to Equip the Saints & Populate Heaven!
We believe there are


ONE who will donate $20,000
TWO who will donate $10,000
THREE who will donate $5,000
TEN who will donate $500

within the next THREE WEEKS to make THIS DREAM A REALITY
Changing the trajectory of thousands of lives For Eternity!

After The Rain Ministries is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 corporation.

You will receive a receipt for your donation. In most cases, your contribution is 100% tax


Internal Healing to External Impact!

God is the only one who can take the pains of our past and gives us a

divine purpose.
Romans 8:28

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