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We are a Nonprofit Christian Counseling and Resource Center Offering Hope and Healing to God’s Beloved Children.

As the founder of After the Rain, I would like to tell you a little about myself... I’m a Child of God who has been set free through the power of the cross. For many years as a Christian, I was in bondage feeling as though there was no way out of my circumstance or freedom from the pain within. The Lord heard my prayers and systematically took me through a process of healing to set me free! He then gave me a heart to walk others, into His arms and freedom! John 8:32 “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” 

After the Rain was established to create a safe place to be honest and vulnerable, allowing God’s people an opportunity to open their hearts to be touched by the Lord; resulting in healed hearts and transformed lives. Teaching and leading God’s children to get from where they are, to their ultimate God given destination; so that they are able to live life to the fullest! After many years of counseling and teaching, God commissioned me to raise up a team of Christian soldiers who have the same heart, to serve the Lord and God’s people as biblical counselors. 


My team and I have had the privilege to come along side God’s broken children who were struggling and witness their lives be radically changed and set free by power of the Cross. God allows us to see His hand of healing upon the lives of His children daily and we hope You will be the next one to receive all He desires for you. He paid the highest price for you to receive healing as His child  (1 John3:1) An abundant life, that He paid just for you to have.  

We pray you would allow us the privilege to work with you, by walking out of the darkness and into the light. Through a counseling process of taking the time to look at pains of the past and to apply biblical truths to the wounded places within. We work with our clients helping them to apply biblical principles as well as clinical education to accomplish lasting healing in your life. Jesus is at the door offering you freedom from your pain and struggle. We would love the honor and opportunity to walk with you on your journey of healing.

Image by Olia Gozha


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