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Deep Soils Discipleship

The Vision


One day the Holy Spirit gave me a vision. I saw all the people that received salvation in the Garden, but many of the Believers were like little sprouts—they had no deep roots, they were weak and unable to be moved by the power of the Holy Spirit because they weren’t deeply rooted with the truth of God’s Word and therefore, they had no fruit to reproduce and multiply themselves. Believers living with no purpose!


Then I heard the Lord say, “I want you to disciple your disciples the way I discipled my disciples and when you do, their roots of truth will grow deep and then they will have the capacity to grow into deep rooted wild flowers that are being MOVED by the mighty power of the Wind of My Spirit, and the fruit of your own personal harvest will multiple—it will be released and replanted by the holiness of my truth and the power of My Spirit. You will replant what you behold; you will disciple your disciples to make more disciples.”


How We Disciple


We walk hand in hand through the daily processes of life while growing deeper into the Revelation of the Power of God through the Word of God; empowering disciples to live in a constant state of their inheritance as children of God in the midst of a fallen world.


We provide specific scripture passages and hand picked books that teach our Disciples the importance of their Intimacy with God, the Wisdom found in Daily Disciplines, their Gospel Identity, understanding the value of Intercession and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and assisting the Unveiling of the Call Upon their Lives. The Disciples DEVOTED themselves to the apostles’ teaching, the fellowship, the breaking of bread, and to prayer (Acts 2:42). Our Disciples do the same!


We are not called to SAVE people, we are called to MAKE DISCIPLES that make MORE Disciples!


“We must live from the reality that we will never die again. If our gaze is upon death, then death will be what we pursue, but if we live as we are seated in the Heavens, then Heaven will be our Reality!” — V.G. given by Holy Spirit

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