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I began counseling at After the Rain after some difficult events in my life. I had a lot of pain from my past that needed healing. I found I was allowing my past pain to control my life today. I went through the process of finding inner healing. It was a painful, difficult process. Nothing worthwhile and lasting is easy. My Counselor was wise, non-judgmental and compassionate. Today I'm able to have control over my emotions instead of them controlling me. I have learned, through training, (practice), to go to Jesus when my feelings threaten to take over. In running to Him I find the safety, security and comfort I need at that moment to navigate the next moment successfully. I've been to counseling many times but none have had the life changing effects I've experienced through counseling at After the Rain. May God richly bless you for being an available tool to Him!!

Debbie J., via Yelp

After the Rain Counseling is totally what I had been looking for: counseling based on the truth of God's word! My Counselor was very gifted in helping to apply God's truth in dealing with and responding to difficult situations in life.

Her counseling points us to the Hope we have in Christ and gives hands-on tools for whatever situation you are in. She provides very practical and helpful counseling and graciously follows up on implementing what is learned. 

I would recommend After the Rain Counseling to anyone!

Cody J, via Yelp

My Counselor at After the Rain truly has been given the gift to hear and understand struggle, pain and dysfunction in one's life in a loving, authentic & non-judgmental way! She has helped me understand God's intention for my life according to His word, without condemnation or shame, exposing lies in broken thought habits and belief systems....I'm so thankful for my counselor at ATR, her yielding and obedience to Jesus, coming along side, guiding, teaching, and comforting the broken. I look forward to our regular session and love to call them "Lie Slaying with Jesus sessions". I see the dramatic transformation taking place in my life as I practice owning my true identity in Christ, the daughter of the King, fearfully and wonderfully made, worthy, accepted, flawless and accepted in His eyes. Fully known yet fully loved...

J.J., via Yelp

Theresa has walked my wife and I through some of the most challenging times in our lives. She has helped us walk through difficult times by keeping us engaged in the grace of the gospel. We have been blessed to have her God given wisdom and discernment. Teaching us honesty and communication. 

2 healthy whole people = healthy whole marriage! Praise be to God!

Brandon B., via Yelp

My Counselor was amazing, working with her I have grown so much. She works so well with doing the sessions over Skype, which are so convenient for me after work. She has an amazing gift and I would recommend her to anyone. I am so blessed to have found her.

Kenzie G.., via Yelp

Theresa counseled me as I began my journey of sobriety. I now have over 3 years sober and still use some of the same tools she gave me to work through new issues that I face in life. Theresa is a blessing to those who meet with her because she has made herself a willing vessel of God.

Molly S. via Yelp

If you are looking for healing, freedom, understanding, wisdom, guidance, purpose or wholeness then please consider counseling with ATR. My Counselor is so clearly made to help other people get set free and delivered. Through being counseled by her, my life has been changed completely and I have found all of the things I listed above! Her secret is Jesus! And He is unfailing, so as long as you are willing, God will use her as a vessel to bring healing, freedom, understanding, wisdom, guidance, purpose, wholeness AND SO MUCH MORE into your life, as He did in mine. After the Rain is amazing and I am forever grateful!

Elianna M.., via Yelp

Theresa is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING woman of God, you can most definitely tell that she was made for this! She is a woman that denies herself and yields herself to allow the Lord to use her. There is not a doubt in my mind that the Lord will use her to provide the liberation and freedom that you have been seeking. Who the Son sets free is free indeed right?! She walks you through those very processes to freedom and I say this because she has personally walked me through countless processes already. Her heart is for those to "break free" and I 2000% recommend After the Rain to anyone looking to "break free". THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO THERESA, YOU ARE A HERO TO MANY!

Nelson L.. via Yelp

My Counselor has walked with me through several different seasons. Even now that I work in missions in a foreign country, even over Skype, her words, her wisdom, her love for the Lord and for those that He loves, still are something that have so much value and bring restoration to my life.  I love the way that she speaks the truth in love and how she listens not to me, but to the Lord for me. She lives what she speaks, she is yielded in every way to God, and is a spiritual mentor to several because of her firm foundation and unwavering faith. Jesus is always exalted, always present, always speaking during our sessions. Get ready to encounter freedom, revelation of truth in your circumstance and Jesus!

Whitney P., via Yelp

It is hard to completely articulate in words how much my counselor at ATR has touched my life. Her heart shows through her gentle words and her heart to show you who Jesus really is. She goes deep and helps you uncover the lies that you have been believing about yourself and those around you. She listens and you feel deeply heard and loved. Her wisdom is rare and precious. She leads you not to be dependent on herself but guides you directly to the heart of God while helping you process your life and find freedom through Christ. Her life, her family and her community are a reflection of where her priority is. She loves people and cares for them deeply. Through her example and counseling I have understood deeper what it means to be a daughter of Christ and I am forever deeply grateful for her deep love for me always pointing me to our sweet King Jesus. I would highly recommend counseling with After the Rain Ministries and have to many people who have also found freedom.

London A.. via Yelp

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