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Brenda Alonso

Image by AARN GIRI

Being able to be part of ATR and the KWT has completely impacted my life. It has helped me grow in my understanding of the importance of having an intimate relationship with God. It has equipped me with the tools and resources to bring revelation of what my true call is which is to host people into His presence.


Through this training, I've learned the importance of working in unity and the importance of receiving before giving. It has brought knowledge of what true discipleship is and how this is key to maintain and mature in my walk with God as I pursue my call as a full-time minister of the Gospel. ATR is filled with leaders that honor and love God so well and this inspires me to grow deeper and remain teachable as I continue to move forward in my walk. Every discipleship, counseling, and class session has enriched my life. The intentionality in every session is so genuine and unique that it will completely transform your life. 


It has been truly an honor to be part of such a loving family that will not only equip you to pursue your call and see you walk in full freedom and healing but will walk alongside you through thick and thin during the whole process and into the fullness of who God created you to be. 

Hanna Gergen

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Hanna's testimony

Jon Stoehr

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I am filled with gratitude as I write this testimony of what the Lord has done in my life during kingdom warrior training over the last 6 months. All the praise and glory is His.


The Lord has cultivated a fire for purity, love, and righteousness within my heart. I have discovered that His grace is more than sufficient to meet every single one of my needs.  God has imparted an unshakable faith in my life, and this faith I know is imparted to me directly from heaven.  I am so incredibly thankful for this season with Kingdom Warriors. 

KWT 2023 

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